Happy Samhain

by | 17 Nov 2017

Happy Samhain everyone! We are delighted to share that soon we will have an official Goddess Temple Weddings headquarters!! As we write this, our new space at Goddess House is being painted and decorated… transforming it into a beautiful place for us to work and create our sacred weddings. Exciting! The Temple has been redressed in black, and Kerridwen, the dark Mother, heads the altar. It is lit with candle lights and feels truly magical, like being in a cave of love.

As October turns to November here on the Isle of Avalon, it is time to observe the sacred time of Samhain which originated in Ancient Europe as one of the four Celtic Fire Festivals and is now observed throughout the world. ‘Samhain’, pronounced ‘saah-win’ or ‘saa-ween’, means ‘Summer’s End’ is the celebration of the end of the harvest and the start of the colder half of the year. It is the time where we honour Cerridwen, the Crone, the Dark Mother, the Goddess of Transformation.

Livia and Roberto

All the crops have been harvested and now the womb of the Mother lays dormant and it is the time of the Crone. It is the end of the growing season. Trees and vegetation are dying back at this time, which adds to the notion of death and rebirth at this time, when the veil is thinnest between the living and dead. Many of us here on the Isle hold celebrations on the nearest weekend or on the Full or New Moon closest to Samhain. It also marks the beginning of the spiritual new year.

Samhain is becoming a popular time to marry here at the Temple. Couples have chosen this time because it is one of the most observed and important of the Festivals. Observed on the Wheel it is opposite to Beltane, the Festival of love and when the lighter, warmer part of the year begins, linking the two closely. Another reason is because it marks the pagan New Year so the ceremony is observed as a new beginning too.Samhain has a strong connection to those that have passed and makes for very poignant ceremonies honouring the connection to loved ones passed.

A medieval book of tales, the Yellow Book of Lecan, indicates that common folk called it the “Feast of Mongfind,” the legendary Witch-Queen who married a King of Tara in old Ireland.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Livia and Roberto! They were Handfasted at Samhain last year.

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Fire Walking

At this time of the year, doing a fire ceremony is a good way to transform all that you no longer need in your life. As part of our Pre-Wedding Ceremonies, we also offer a Fire Walking ceremony that can be done before your Wedding. It is a powerful way for couples to deepen their vision of their future together, and make a step towards their commitment to a new way of being. It can also work with any fears people have about stepping forward together and to burn away things from the past. A very powerful ceremony… get in touch for more information.