Weddings 2017

by | 19 Dec 2017

For us in the Sacred Marriage team this is a cosy time where we celebrate the year past, have our Yuletide dinner together at the Bocabar, which has a wonderful function room for Wedding Receptions, and reminisce over bubbly, reflecting on the wonderful ceremonies that we have held in 2017. This year we have conducted 13 Sacred Marriages in the Temple and we are looking forward to many more as we are fast becoming booked up for 2018.

Each Sacred Marriage is unique as you co-create with your Priestess how your ceremony will be, making it a memorable experience that lives in the hearts of all who enter the experience with you.

Our Wedding Melissas: Trevor Nuthall, Manon Latete, Cristina Granada and Mandy Kaye care for each couple and all of the Wedding party on your special day. They work hard to make sure that everything is how you have dreamed it to be, dressing the sacred space, the bridal entrance and keeping a watchful presence for any needs that couples and guests may have during the ceremony. They keep a strong and deeply spiritual core for you and we simply could not conduct without them.

Our very own wedding planner Iona Jones has delivered an outstanding service every time, with each specific needs and wants completely taken care of. Our Wedding photographer Geoff Harris captures your special day perfectly and is a much valued member of the team. It has been a wonderful year again for us all at Team Love! It truly is a joy and honour to be a part of such a special day.

Dawn and Sharlea will be at the Enchanted Market 10th – 11th February 2018 in Bracknell, for Goddess Temple Weddings – do pop along and meet us.

And so we raise our glasses to all our beautiful couples in 2017 with whom we have had the pleasure of weaving the magic and co-creating incredible Sacred Marriages, each one unique and bespoke. It has been an amazing year for us all at Goddess Temple Weddings here on the magical Isle of Avalon. We are looking forward so very much to 2018 and the many marriages that we have booked in already! We raise our glasses to you all.

Merry Yuletide Beloveds and a Happy New Year From Goddess Temple Weddings Team!