A Wedding in Glastonbury, the Heart Chakra of the world

by | 23 Feb 2018

As our physical body has seven energy centres or chakras, so does our beloved Mother Earth! Glastonbury is considered to be the planetary heart chakra of the world and boy can you feel the love! Glastonbury attracts people from all over the world. Some people come on spiritual pilgrimage to visit the sacred sites of the Tor, the Goddess Temple, the Chalice Well and the Abbey. Others come for healing and refuge, or to visit the wonderful New Age shops. Recently it has also become a key destination for couples to get married in! It’s not surprising as there is so much to offer couples. We have the amazing Goddess Temple which offers beautiful legal weddings. These beautiful ceremonies weave together your spiritual beliefs, elemental blessings and your sacred words of LOVE. They are utterly divine, a tonic to the soul, touching the heart of everyone that attends.

The Chalice Well and White Spring are also lovely places to have a ceremony. Although you can’t get legally married in either of these places, they are a beautiful to have a pre-ceremony… maybe to have a water blessing to cleanse you before your big day. There are also lots of other magical places in Avalon, should you want a blessing on the Land or fantastic photos. The Tor, Bushy Coombe, Stonedown, Wearyhill and the Abbey provide perfect backdrops for these! If you are looking to connect deeper with the energies of Avalon, our very own Wedding Melissa and Priest of Avalon, Trevor Nuthall, offers wonderful Elemental Blessings on the Sacred Land of Avalon. This is normally done the day before the wedding and is a deeply powerful walk.

If you are interested in getting married in the Temple or want to find out more about our Pre-Wedding Ceremonies, get in touch…

by Iona Jones