The Waters of Avalon, by Dawn Kinsella

by | 22 Jun 2018

In ancient times Glastonbury (Glass-town-borough) and the surrounding hills were islands in a swampy inland sea called the Sea of Glass. Shrouded in the mists which rose from the Sea, the Tor was often all that could be seen of the island. This is a most beloved image in legends of The Isle of Avalon. It was during the summer months of June onwards that the ancient peoples who lived on the Isle would find the waters warm enough to swim in, and so the Avalonion wheel has the element of Water in the South, other paths such a Wicca for example would have Water in the West.

Over time, the sea, fed by fresh water from the surrounding hills, began to fill with silt. Reeds began to grow in the shallower waters and slowly the sea filled in, creating swamps and later dry land. Further drainage took place when channels were built to drain the remaining water away until today there is no sign of the ancient sea.

The land remembers the waters and we are blessed here on the Isle with the red & white springs that make their way from deep underground to pour out from several places, such as the White Spring and Chalice Well. The red spring contains a high amount of iron and is the colour red, staining the stone it flows over with the earthy pigment of blood, symbolising the feminine and the Motherline. The water of the White Spring is highly calcified and often solidifies as a white crystalline deposit and symbolises the masculine and the Fatherline. Avalon literally floats on the surface of the waters and amplifies the energies here of the ley lines that crosses through the centre point that is the Tor.

Water Blessing

The blessing for Water takes place in the South of the elemental altar (which is a demarcated flower circle marking the compass points & elements of Air in the North, Fire in the East, Water, South & Earth in the West). The entire ceremony is conducted within the circle and it is during this part of the ceremony where you exchange rings, say your vows and legal words of marriage. During the ceremony we often refer tothe amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his discoveries of how water has memory and changes its molecular structure when blessed. As Priestesses of Avalon and your Celebrants, we bless the waters which infuse the molecules and frequency of love. Your Priestess invites you at this point to hold the Chalice and feel with thought and intention the cellular essence of love into the waters, before you both drink of the sacredness of love essence within.

We now offer your own Chalice made just for you for your special day. Our ceramist mixes some of the natural clay from the Avalonion landscape into the white clay and shapes the Chalice with waters from the sacred springs.  Please contact us for more details.