Summer Solstice

by | 21 Jun 2017

Solstice, and the Festival of Litha, is the time where we honour the Goddess of Water, Domnu. Domnu is the Mother of Oceans and Queen of the deep who brings flow and emotion into our lives. It is the time when we dive deeply into our emotional beings, allowing our hearts to open and our creative tears to flow. Like cascading waterfalls of love, She touches the places we are often afraid to open… as with the Oyster, there is something vulnerable and sensitive within. Her sacred animals are all creatures of the Oceans, Rivers and Seas. She cries out to us to care for Her. We are guardians of this most sacred Earth, the body of the Mother and her waters are the amniotic fluids that support life.

Now more than ever before it is vital to see and know that Her sacred waters are the sweet fluids of life and we must be mindful. To honour this precious element as Goddess transforms our understanding of that which is often taken for granted and pollute. Water has the power to transform its molecular structure when prayer, intention and thought are projected.