Sacred Smithing

As part of your Sacred marriage experience we are pleased to offer you a new and exciting workshop for couples! Sacred Smithing is held by our wonderful Smith Dave Goddard (also known as Hugs). It is a deep ritual journey of connection to the elements through the ancient craft of blacksmithing.

Hugs will take you on a ceremonial journey to create your very own sacred object or a heart or circle. This will be done in ceremony, using the sacredness of the four elements. Your creation will be woven into your bespoken wedding ceremony on the day.


Using the sacred fire we enter deep ceremonial space in forging your intentions and vows into what you create together from the womb of the earth
Using the elements essential to existence
Feeling the power and passion of the flames
Each hammer your intentions for the journey ahead together
Being supported by your partner as they feed the breath of life into the fire
Witness each other as you create together
Watch the metal transform and move forward under your guidance
Brush away what no longer serves you
Bringing the forged intentions into connection with each other
Sealing the story of the future to begin

About Dave Goddard

Dave has been a working blacksmith for 16 years. He has taken his skills across the world, often trading using his forge skills to move on or stay longer in areas. Now knowing many different styles and techniques from country to country and having worked in many different situations from top end workshop to primitive set ups. His broad abilities enable him to create beautiful pieces anywhere from very little. Both a traditional and contemporary blacksmith blending old techniques with modern to form unique one off pieces.

He trained at the world famous blacksmithing college in Hereford, UK, where he gained a full National Diploma in Blacksmithing and Metalwork. Whilst at the college, Dave won a number of awards, including Blacksmith Apprentice of the Year at the Royal Welsh Show, where he also won First and Third Prizes for individual pieces.