The Sacred Anointing Ceremony

Candle & Rose

A beautiful Pre-Wedding Ceremony the night before your Wedding, held in the Goddess Temple and Goddess House by Priestesses of Avalon and Priestess Registrars Dawn Kinsella & Sharlea Sparrow and Priest of Avalon Trevor Nuthall. A Women’s Moon Lodge for the Bridal Party and White Tent for the Groom and his Men.

Step into the Sacred with us….

Here we shall prepare the Goddess Temple for a Women’s Moon Lodge for you, the Bride-to-be, and the women in your Wedding party. The Groom shall have the White Tent Moon Lodge held by Trevor to run parallel.   As part of the Moon Lodge the Bride shall be ceremonially prepared as Priestess for her Consort, He who is the Sacred Masculine to Her Divine Feminine. Once you are prepared and robed, your beloved will be brought to the Temple by his men and Priest of Avalon to be anointed by you.

To receive your beloved for the sacred annointing is a powerful ceremony that will echo into your souls and hearts, preparing you both for the following day as you both are taken through the sacred marriage ceremony.

Step into the Sacred with us….make your marriage an unforgetable magical experience.

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