NEW Ceremonies for 2019!

by | 31 Jan 2019

We are delighted to share that all Weddings booked from January 2019, will now include extra ceremonies to make your journey of love even more profound. The following ceremonies are included as part of your Handfasting and Sacred Marriage experience:

Couples Incense Blending

At the beginning of the Handfasting ceremony, during the rituals of Air, we use hand blended incense created by our couples to symbolically clear the future and the past. Each couple are invited to come into the Temple to blend their own ceremonial incense with their Priestesses before the Wedding. We provide the ingredients, organic resins, herbs and woods. The Temple is especially reserved for you to both create your own blend with loving intention This is a deeply energetic connection to the rituals that will follow, sensual, loving and creating together your very own secret recipe.

The Sacred Anointing Ceremony
This is beautiful Pre-Wedding ceremony that takes place the night before your Wedding. It is held in the Goddess Temple and Goddess House by Priestesses and Priests of Avalon.
The Bride will take part in a Moon Lodge, in the Goddess Temple, where she will be ceremonially prepared as Priestess for her Consort – He who is the Sacred Masculine to Her Divine Feminine. At the same time the Groom will take part in a White Tent Moon Lodge in the Goddess House. Once both are honoured and prepared, they will be reunited and anointed by the Priestesses.
To receive your beloved for the sacred anointing is a powerful ceremony that will echo into your souls and hearts, preparing you both for the following day. 
(For same sex couples the Sacred anointing Ceremony will be adjusted to your requirements.)
The Cake & Mead Ceremony

After the traditional ‘jumping or stepping over the Besom Broom’, we hold the Cake & Mead ceremony, to honour the Elements, Ancestors, Goddesses and Gods. 

All is prepared by our fabulous team of Wedding melissa’s in the Glastonbury Experience courtyard, or if inclement weather the ceremony is held in the Temple. A table decorated with sumptuous cloth and tastefully adorned with ivy, flowers, crystals and candles, holds the Chalice of locally made West Country Mead and a platter of bite size pieces of scrumptious locally made cake. The two Beloveds – one holding the Chalice and the other holds the platter – offers each of the guests to drink of the Mead, with the words ‘’May you never go thirsty.’’ Then each guest is offered the cake with the blessing ‘’May you never go hungry.’’ We also provide juices and spring Waters from the land of Avalon for children and those that do not imbibe alcohol. (Gluten free and vegan cakes provided on request).Please note: For weddings that take place before the closing of the courtyard shops, the Cake & Mead Ceremony will only take place in the Temple or the Avalon Rooms

We are so much more than a wedding day, we will give you both an intensely beautiful experience that you will remember for ever.