Happy Spring Equinox 

by | 14 Mar 2018

Spring Equinox and the Festival of Oestre is the time when we celebrate the Mothers of Fire! We honour Ostara, Goddess of Light, Fire and Fertility and to Grainne, the Sun Goddess, for bringing her warmth and life back to our lands.

In Avalon the days are getting longer and lighter, and everything is springing to life! The sap is rising and we see buds on the branches of the trees and beautiful yellow daffodils and spring flowers appearing everywhere. The animals are coming to life as well! The birds are rebuilding their nests and looking for new mates, and the baby animals are being birthed everywhere.

It is a wonderful time of year! For us this is a time of renewed energy. After the long winter months of resting and hibernating, the light and warmth brings new energy and life. Our creativity and passions start to stir and we begin to work on our projects and ideas that we would like to manifest.