Happy Solstice and Yule

by | 19 Dec 2017

Happy Solstice and Yule everyone! Here on the Isle of Avalon there is a sprinkling of magic in the air as we prepare for Winter Solstice. The beautiful Isle of Avalon is lightly dusted with sparkling snow.The Goddess Temple is now re-dressed by the Temple dressing team, dismantled lovingly from sombre black for Samhain and the Goddess Kerridwen, to gorgeous silver and white for Yuletide and the Goddess Danu. We are also excitedly preparing for our last Sacred Marriage of the year to be held at Winter Solstice Night. It will be a magickal candlelit ceremony. Staying in touch with our inner child is truly the spirit of Yuletide. It is this same wonderment that is spun and woven into each Sacred Marriage between us all here at Goddess Temple Weddings and our gorgeous couples. It makes each wedding and reception beautifully bespoke, taking on the total essence of the beloveds.


Winter Solstice is celebrated on 21 December and is the time of stillness in the land, as the seasons seem to grind to a halt. Mother Earth yawns and drifts into her deep slumber, taking with her into sleep the seeds from fallen fruits, grains from the ploughing and re-seeding. Badgers and foxes, the animals that burrow into her body, surrender into the dreaming that hibernation brings. Squirrels guard their precious hoard of winter food and birds migrate to flee the icy grip of winter. All becomes still and quiet, a hush falls across the land to await the longest night, the Winter Solstice.